The Malls Shopping Centre

14th Nov – 24th Dec
The Malls

The Malls

The Malls

We did this centre last year, the chalets are located in very busy locations we found the full chalets worked exceptionally well, the half chalets not as good. We will change how we split them for this year they will split down the 12ft side so that you will have a 6ft table on each side which should make things a lot better

£425 per 1/2 Chalet £800 full chalet
Electric is FREE (max 500 watts).
14th Nov – 18th Nov
19th Nov – 25th Nov
26th Nov – 02nd Dec
03rd Dec – 09th Dec
10th Dec – 16th Dec
17th Dec – 24th Dec

26th-31st Dec is FREE if anyone wants to do it.

This is space only, if you require tables they must be booked in advance at

No 15% on shopping centres.

The Malls

The Malls

Cottage Industries Association
Show bookings offer – book 10 shows or more and get a 15% discount!

To book a display stand at a show

Please download, read and complete the following forms:
Risk assessments form – complete the risk assessments as appropriate, including your business name and sign the form. This risk assessment can be used for any of our show bookings provided your trading conditions remain the same as originally stated. Download Risk Assessment Form

Please read and complete the fire risk section as appropriate, including your name.

Booking form – the booking form incorporates our Terms and Conditions and by completing and returning the form you are agreeing to comply by them. All bookings are made in good faith and firm bookings are subject to condition 17. Download Booking Form

Bookings will only be accepted on the official booking form and must be accompanied by payment according to one of the following options:


Option 1 – Payment of a £500 rolling deposit with the balance due on the final day of each show booked.

Option 2 – Payment of a £100 deposit along with a cheque to cover the outstanding balance post-dated to 6 weeks before the first day of the show for each show booking.

We offer a discount of 15% off for booking 10 shows or more.

Please make cheques payable to Cottage Industries Association.

Please return the completed and signed forms to us along with the relevant booking fee to us at Unit 33, Tokenspire Business Park, Hull Road, Woodmansey, Beverley HU17 0TB.

Important information

An access area of 1 foot is allowed between stands on one side. Should you require a bigger space to access your stand you will need to book the relevant extra space. It is not permitted for access space to be used as additional stand/display space.

All staff members must keep within your booked space to trade/interact with customers. No more than 2 members of staff on an 8 foot stand.

No trading in the aisle.

No alcohol to be consumed from behind your stand whilst the event is open.