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Is this the first time you've exhibited with Cottage Industries?
Would you welcome some hints and tips on getting the most from your show?
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At Cottage Industries we strive to make your time with us an enjoyable, profitable experience which will leave you keen and eager to return!
We hope you find this information useful. Please feel free to contact us if you require any further help.

Exhibitors Hints and Tips

We provide free tea and coffee to all our exhibitors. Please be sure to bring your own Mug!

We also offer FREE electric maximum 500 watt per stand. Your product and stand will look so much better with well placed lighting. Spot lights can offer you flexibility as they can be attached to tables, hung from the top and the back of your stand etc. Make sure you use low energy light bulbs. All electrically equipment needs to be PAT tested to ensure it meets British Safety Standards. Ikea, B&Q, Homebase all offer a good range of resonably priced lighting that could suit your needs.

Did you know that when you stand in any marquee or when you are outside on the showground you have approx 20 seconds to catch a customers attention and get them to stop? It’s therefore really important to make your stand as attractive and inviting as possible. Give yourself plenty of time to set up!

For your convenience, tables and chairs can be hired from Cottage Industries with prior arrangement and at a small cost.

Most of our shows we have air conditioning and/or heating as neccessary and piped music is also on tap!

Advertising on the outside of the marquee is going to be available FREE to everyone more details to follow.

Set up information and passes will usually be posted 14-7 days prior to the event. Set up is usually the day before. When you arrive just ask for the management and you will be shown to your pitch.

Caravans and camping is often available on site. It is not always next to the marquee, and sometimes there may be a fee invoved to the show, you are advised therefore to ring to check on availability.

It is our aim to make shopping with Cottage Industries an enjoyable experience for both the customers and exhibitors. So please be sure to contact the management with any questions or if you require further help.

Useful information and suppliers:

Your stand includes 1 foot access area which is supplied free of charge. This space must be left clear. The rest of your stand is for you to fill as you please. Please be sure to make the most of the space that is avaliable to you. Presentation and good use of space is the key. Although we are one of the most cost effective marquee organisers on the circuit rents are still very expensive so please make the most of the space booked. Look at hanging things at the back and sides of your stand, could you display things in crates under the table? Let your creative juices flow and be creative.

The following sites offer a range of display stands, grid walls and floor stand to maximise your retail space, second hand equipment can often by found on ebay:

Are you covered?

It is the responsiblity of all Exhibitors to have PLI insurance. This can be obtained from a number of Brokers who will also quote for Goods in Transit and Stock etc. should you need this:
Contact Chris Harper 01 724 878063

A further resource for information can be found at:

To make your event run smoothly:

• Make sure you have plenty of change.
• Pen and paper
• Extra table cloth
• Warm clothes and wellies (to combat the ever change in the British weather!)
• Scissors
• Cellotape
• Safety pins
• Drawing pins
• Snacks
• Phone charger
• Cloth to cover stand on a night
• Asprin
• Toilet Roll!

Wishing you every success!