Welcome to the Cottage Industries Association.

We’re one of the biggest players in the British craft and gift fair industry, offering a warm and friendly welcome to shoppers and exhibitors alike at some of the UK’s top county shows, agricultural shows and Christmas markets.

Visit one of our many craft and gift fairs to discover exceptional homeware and gifts. You’ll also find distinctive professional signage, thoughtfully designed retail spaces and eye-catching decorative displays.

While we take pride in our professional approach, we’re especially proud of the great atmosphere you’ll find at each Cottage Industries Association craft show. At the heart of every event lies the positive relationship between our staff, exhibitors and shoppers, built up over 15 years in the business: that’s what makes our events so special, and it’s why traders and visitors come back year after year.

“Everyone wants to make a profit, but the real trick is to have fun while you’re doing it. Cottage Industries Association shows tick both those boxes for me.”

Richard De-Gennaro, Exhibitor